Keep Java under control!

Keep Java under control! Oracle Java has become the highest threat for any company in January 2023: one installed licensable version will trigger the need for licensing all employees for your organization! Learn how a good technology combined with solid experience can avoid you cold sweat!

Nicolas Rousseau

12/19/20231 min read

Java was a freeware developed by Sun Microsystem and powering numerous applications. This was the symbol of how a Developer Community can build the foundation of a digital world with disinterest and passion...

In this World, nothing can stay disinterested forever... Oracle has acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010 and this great free world has moved forward...

...until 2019 where Oracle has defined a new rule: any new version or new build of an existing version will require a license, per user (for desktop use) or per Oracle processor (for server use). Panic has started on Java and audits too.

January 2023: a new licensing is published by Oracle. Anytime a licensable version of Java is installed anywhere, all employees of the company will need to be licensed. Millions of unexpected costs. If you already had Java included in your Oracle Master Agreement, the previous rule applies.

There is no other choice for companies than eradicate Java (when it is not critical). NR SAM Consulting can help you in this task:

  • Identify licensable versions of Java

  • Understand if these are "embedded" instances coming with other licensed applications (Oracle db client, WebLogic, IBM% products...)

  • Catch when the "non-licensable" versions have a "must license" flag (Mission Control, AMC agent, Unlock Commercial Feature)

  • Define an action plan for removal / replacement (with Azul OpenJDK)

You can understand in details how to keep Java under control in the Flexera one hour recorded Flexera SAM Best Practice Webinar I co-presented with Jan Borchers in May 2023.