Coming "Dots connected" and "You will love this!" blog topics.

Two new tracks of posts will be released, once a week that will give you the keys to success on SAM with Flexera technology ("Dots Connected") and that will illustrate creative solutions that address specific needs and drive to success ("You will love this!")

1/24/20242 min read

Want to talk about Software Asset Management? Talk about real "how to" and not just the (true) “Incredible value of decreasing risk while optimizing license cost” ?

Moving from HP Product Management to Flexera Services to Flexera Product Management to NR SAM Consulting Services in the last 20 years made me incredibly hands-on and I have a lot to share.

I will do it through two tracks:

  • “Dots connected”. “Dots connected”. This one will echo the last post that was describing how critical this is to understand the big picture and the bit and bytes to be successful in SAM. This series will shade “the light of experience” on what is needed to succeed, how to identify issues and how to solve them. It will refer to a number of existing posts, SAM Best Practice Webinars or posts this blog as LinkedIn is not the best place for a detailed post.

  • “You will love this!” will develop solutions (reports, integrations, automations) that I have created since I became a Flexera partner for customers back in November. Real life requires creative solutions supported by technical skills. The posts will illustrate what you can get to address your needs.

Thinking about content, Here is what we will see for the next 18 weeks!